This hipster hotel is the place to be for the young, young at heart, or those traveling with teenagers; the place is stoked to fuel fantasies of being a rock star. Music follows you almost everywhere, greeting you in the lobby, accompanying you in the elevators, helping you get your groove on at the pool, and putting you in the mood to part with money in the casino. From the outside, the hotel looks like a stack of LPs, while the lobby contains memorabilia once belonging to music greats like Michael Jackson and Elton John; a sign declaring, "Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?" from the Doors hangs above the front desk. Rooms, too, carry out the rock-star fantasy, with brightly colored retro furnishings, home theater systems, free music-streaming channels, and—get this—a choice of 20 different Fender guitars (think Stratocasters, Telecasters) that you can order from room service and then rock out to your heart's content (luckily for your roommates and neighbors, they also come with headphones that plug into the amplifier). Other diversions include City of Dreams with its spectacular House of Dancing Water performance, a Hard Rock Cafe for those essential burgers, and a shop where you can update your Hard Rock T-shirt wardrobe.