Revolving 360° Café provides just that—a full panoramic view of Macau from 220m (720 ft.) in the air. Making a full turn every hour and a half, it specializes in buffet meals that offer a wide selection of Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Macanese and other international fare, from seafood and curries to desserts. My biggest complaint is that while the buffet spreads remain stationary, your table doesn't, making it a bit of challenge circling the restaurant in search of food and then your seat. Still, I prefer spending my money here than in the tower's pricey observation deck one floor up, especially since its views are just as good. Plus, a meal here has a bonus: bungee jumpers, partaking in one of several adventure options available in Macau Tower, hurtling past the window as you dine. If it's rainy or foggy, however, I'd go elsewhere, and note that there are two sittings for lunch, as well as an afternoon high tea set.