People who have no intention of swimming flock to Hac Sa Beach, mainly because of this institution, open since 1986—a rustic beach shack with no air conditioning, not even in the kitchen. Owner Fernando is a stickler for keeping it simple and serving only Portuguese food, with a menu that includes Portuguese chorizo, fried squid, shrimp in clam sauce, suckling pig, codfish, grilled chicken, pork ribs, and stewed beef. The bread is homemade, and if you want to order wine, you'll have to inspect the bottles lined up on a shelf yourself, because there's no wine list. No credit cards or reservations are accepted, but there's an open pavilion out back where you can wait for a table with a drink (homemade sangria, perhaps?), which helps set the mood for this very laid-back destination that's a far cry from modern Macau and harks back to simpler times.