Macau has a plethora of buffet restaurants, but this one distinguishes itself from the pack by concentrating on hotpots (Asian stews) designed by diners themselves and a heavy emphasis on fresh seafood. Taking its inspiration from fish markets, this self-serve location lets you choose a broth (my favorite is the Sichuan spicy chili oil broth, but the fish and lamb soybean broth is milder for those who can't take the heat), which is then set to boiling on a hot plate at your table. Next you choose ingredients from the generous buffet offering a variety of seafood from shrimp and fish to mussels, meats like beef and pork, noodles, and vegetables, which you subsequently add to your bubbling soup. Other dishes are also tempting on the buffet, including dim sum during lunch. This is a lively restaurant overlooking a shopping center, which isn’t very atmospheric but at least the prices are reasonable.