Here we have another Disney thrill mountain, a 2 1/2-acre runaway-train ride that rambles joltingly through steaming, rusty Old West sets. Consider it the closest thing to a standard adult coaster in the Kingdom, although it’s not something that will make you dizzy or scared. Top speeds hit only 30mph, and there are no loops or giant drops, just circles, jiggles and humps. Listen for the voice of the old prospector in the boarding area; generations of American kids have imitated him as he warns, “This here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!” Tips: Seats in the back give a slightly wilder ride because front cars spend a lot of time waiting for the rear cars to clear hills. Tall riders should cross their ankles to avoid a knee-bashing against the seats in front of them. Chickens can watch their loved ones ride from the overlook on Nugget Way, near the ride’s exit.