Here’s a character meet-and-greet with a tech twist: In addition to the Beauty and the Beast heroine, who selects audience members to reenact her story—the same story you've seen in two film versions now—you encounter a thrillingly lifelike talking armoire, a fantastic Lumière figure, and, best of all, a trick with a miraculously transforming mirror that must be seen to be believed. There’s no Beast (so relax, little ones), and the Belle that’s here isn’t the firebrand from the movie but someone sweet and demure. It takes a while to get in and about 30 minutes to finish once you’re in. Every child who wants a role in the story can have one (they just have to hold a prop and walk to the front on cue), after which he or she can pose for a photo with Belle, which the parents can buy later. This attraction was temporarily closed for the pandemic, so check to see if it's open for your visit.