Like Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot, it’s a “Living Character” video show, about 15 minutes long, in which computer-animated characters on a giant screen interact with a theater full of people, singling humans out with a hidden camera for gentle ridicule. The animation looks as fluid as in the Pixar movies and is drawn from a cast of some 20 characters, but the three you’ll see in your set will vary. The experience depends as much on the eagerness of your audience as on the improvisational skill of the (spoiler alert) hidden live actors doing the voices. Don’t miss the gags in the preshow video-instruction room (the employee bulletin board warns against “Repetitive Scare Injury”). You’ll probably find yourself more impressed by the canny technology than by the quality of the jokes, and sticklers for Disney orthodoxy are annoyed it isn’t really set in the future. Tip: To avoid being picked, sit in the rear or extreme sides of the auditorium.