Disney’s newest mountain, circa 2014, is really more of a knoll, and a joyful little ride. The mine cart roller coaster, which replaced a circa-1971 Snow White ride, goes in and out of a hill containing the gem quarry dug by Snow White’s diminutive landlords, whom you’ll encounter “Heigh-Ho”-ing through a day’s work. Carriages gently rock on pivots as you turn, much like a bassinette, but don’t worry—this is Fantasyland, so this ride is unchallenging, with plenty of S-curves and humps but no loops or daredevil drops. Near the 2 1/2–minute ride’s conclusion, look right and peek into the windows of the dwarfs’ cottage for a charming (and fleeting) glimpse of the last fateful moments of their leisure. Tip: It’s too short and too cramped to appeal to thrill-seekers, but for maximum sensation, the back rows are much more lively than the first rows. This is the most popular ride in Magic Kingdom, and its Lightning Lane slots often sell out early in the day.