Part flume and part indoor “dark ride,” it’s preposterously fun, justifiably packed all the time, and proof of what Disney can do when its creative (and budgetary) engines are firing on all cylinders. You track the Br’er Rabbit character through some Deep South sets and down several plunges in Chick-a-Pin Hill—the most dramatic drop, five stories at 40mph (faster than Space Mountain), is plainly visible from the outside. You will get wet, especially from the shoulders up and particularly in the front seats, but are not likely to get soaked because boats plow most of the water out of the way. (Ziploc sponsors free plastic baggies which cast members sometimes hand out at the entrance.) We never tire of this 11-minute journey because it’s so full of surprises, including room after room of animated characters (as many as Pirates has), seven drops large and small, a course that takes you indoors and out, and some perfectly executed theming that begins with the gorgeous outdoor courtyard queue strung with mismatched lanterns at many heights. You’ll see Chip ‘n’ Dale’s houses there, and hear them chatter to each other from within.

Note that the line can as much as double when the weather gets steamy. And mind how you raise your hands when you do the drop—it spoils the souvenir photo for whomever is sitting behind you. Alert: This version of the ride will close forever after January 22, 2023—Disney finally recognized the racist origins of its source material and is converting the ride to an as-yet-unnamed riff on The Princess and the Frog.