Pooh makes for quite a joyous attraction, with vibrant colors, plenty of peppy pictures, and a giddy segment when Tigger asks you to bounce with him and in response, your “Hunny Pot” car gently bucks as it rolls (nothing your toddler can’t handle). The effects, such as a levitating dreaming Pooh, a room full of fiber-optic raindrops, and real smoke rings (front-row seats are best for experiencing that one), are the most advanced of the Fantasyland kiddie rides. The more I take this merry, 4-minute romp, the more I see poor Pooh as a junkie for honey, since he spends much of his time focused on binging and having psychedelic dreams about getting more of the sweet stuff. Will someone please stage an intervention for this poor bear? This ride is not anyone’s favorite, but it’s a fine diversion.