The tramlike second-story track, which boards under the Astro Orbiter at Rockettower Plaza, uses pollution-free “linear induction” magnetic technology to take a story-free scenic overview of the area’s attractions. On a 13-minute round-trip with no stops, it coasts past some windows over the Buzz Lightyear ride and through the guts of Space Mountain, where you traverse the circumference over the Omega boarding area. You will also catch a too-fleeting glimpse of one of Walt Disney’s original 1963 models for Progress City, and if you’re a true science fiction nerd, you may recognize the red spaceship atop the Cool Ship churro stand (below your boarding area) as a rehabbed prop from the 1986 movie Flight of the Navigator. Look for the Disney Vacation Club kiosk near that—it used to be a ticket booth for the days when you had to pay to ride things.

The PeopleMover itself is historic, too: Walt Disney envisioned this system, originally called the WEDway PeopleMover, as a principal form of transportation for the resort. Sorry, Walt: After you died, they bought lots of buses instead. Tip: Do TTA at night, when Tomorrowland is illuminated in cobalts and greens.

Note: Although the Disney maps and website usually refer to this ride as Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, the signs for the attraction refer to it simply as Peoplemover.