The prominence of a railway is no accident; the concept of Disneyland grew out of Walt’s wish to build a train park across the street from his Burbank studios. The train, which runs all day, takes about 25 minutes and encircles the park, stopping first in Frontierland and then passing through apparent wilderness to Fantasyland before returning here. The best seats are on the right, and you can go around as many times as you want without getting off. You’ll see a few robotic dioramas of American Indian encampments and wild animals, and also some backstage areas—following the tunnel after the Main Street station (it’s the passage through the Pirates of the Caribbean show building), the train crosses a road; look right to find the yellow line painted on the ground. This is the border that tells cast members when they’re out of view and can safely come out of character. Tip: Ride during the day because it frequently closes down at 8pm. This ride was closed during construction for Tron Lightcycle Power Run; check to see if it has reopened.