Bookings fill incredibly quickly—getting to be a guest is no easy thing. At this Beauty and the Beast–themed restaurant, you’ll join one line to enter, another to order, then you fetch your own beverages. You won’t eat a bite until at least 30 minutes after your reservation. Still, its polished evocation of Beast’s castle makes this the most transporting (and possibly the loudest) place to eat in the World: Animated snow falls outside false windows, a portrait reveals a hidden image when illuminated (that’s in the West Wing, the best seating area to choose), and an animated rose under glass slowly sheds its petals. The food is French-ish (there’s croque monsieur and French onion soup), plus “the gray stuff” (you know, it’s delicious), which is actually a whipped cookies-and-cream panna cotta.

In all honesty, if this food was served in France, the locals would form a posse to detain the chef responsible. Food is wheeled to you when it’s ready. (If you don’t have a MagicBand, you’ll need to pick up a “rose,” a red hockey-puck-like device that transmits your table location.) You can get alcohol, but only at dinner and only with that coveted reservation. It serves all three meals, but only at dinner will you have the chance to meet the Beast, who can only be met here and nowhere else in the park. Lunch and dinner: $62 adults, $37 kids. Sit-down only.