The Holy Grail of character meals, it takes place past the velvet ropes inside Cinderella Castle; there’s a capacity of less than 200. The famous royal resident always appears (sometimes joined by her soul sisters Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, and others), and little girls from far and wide dress up like princesses to meet her. (“Right this way, Royal Family,” greets the hostess.) The interior is as lavish as you’d expect from a castle, with mock medieval vaulted ceilings, a royal red carpet, stained glass, and stylized crest shields adorning the walls. Meals aren’t all-you-can-eat, but they’re all schmancy prix-fixe, though the price shifts with the season. Bookings open 180 days ahead at 7am Orlando time (and must be prepaid by credit card) and are snapped up in moments, although if you’re persistent and flexible, you may snag a cancellation starting 2 weeks before. Food selections include tenderloin, roast chicken, and pork rib chop; beer and wine are available. $62 adults, $37 kids. Sit-down only.