One of Nicaragua's most famous coffee farms is also a well-known lodge . The 607-hectare (1,500-acre) estate offers day tours of the facilities, and you can also do some excellent forest treks through the sprawling property. The coffee factory itself is a large warehouse in front of the family home. Here, you can see the process where beans are soaked in water pools and de-pulped, surrounded by colorful murals explaining the history of coffee. The owners are making a concerted effort in sustainable agriculture; and because of an extensive recycling program, only one barrel of garbage a week leaves the huge complex, and recycled methane is used for cooking. There is a school, health clinic, and library on the property for the many workers. There is also an interesting little museum within the barnlike restaurant displaying the local history books written by owner and writer Eddie Kuhl. Selva Negra coffee can be bought in the Whole Foods chain in the U.S.