This is the family temple and burial ground of the Matsudaira clan, feudal lords of Matsue and the surrounding region. It was established back in 1664 by Matsudaira Naomasa, whose grandfather was the powerful Tokugawa Ieyasu. Nine generations of the Matsudaira clan are buried here, each in his own small compound spread throughout the solemn grounds; Naomasa's grave, the grandest and largest, is the one at the far left (allow 20 min. to see all of them). What I like most about this cemetery is that it seems ancient and forgotten; you might find yourself the only living soul here. At the grave of the sixth lord is a stone turtle (described by Hearn as "the monster tortoise") famous for midnight strolls that terrorized residents; if you rub its head, you'll have good luck. Stop for ceremonial green tea (¥400) in a room of a modern building facing a great little garden. And in June, temple grounds are famous for stunning hydrangeas -- don't miss it.