For an intimate adventure on the great blue, book an outrigger canoe trip with Hawaiian Paddle Sports. Learn how to paddle in sync with your family or friends, just as the ancient Polynesians did when colonizing these islands. You’ll visit some of Maui’s very best snorkel spots: Makena Landing or the outer reef at Olowalu. The owner, Tim Lara, is one of the best in the business, brimming with knowledge about the island’s culture, history, and marine life. When turtles, whales, manta rays, or monk seals surface alongside your canoe, you’ll feel like a National Geographic explorer. And you’ll have the pictures to prove it. Lara’s guides are whizzes with a Go-Pro camera; after the trip they’ll send you under- and abovewater shots guaranteed to dazzle your friends. If you’re feeling sporty, book a canoe surfing trip and race down the face of breaking waves. Hawaiian Paddle Sports also offers kayak tours, and surf and SUP instruction.