The open-air dining room hanging over the Hyatt pool is divided into multiple private nooks, evoking the feel of a Japanese teahouse—one that also happens to witness spectacular sunsets. Superb Japaneseinfluenced entrees and inspired sushi, sashimi, and hand rolls deservedly keep Japengo at the top of local best-of lists. Depending on what the fishermen reeled in that day, the moriawase, or chef’s platter ($35 or $65), may include vibrant red tuna, translucent slivers of Big Island hirame (flounder), poached local abalone, creamy wedges of uni (sea urchin), or raw New Caledonia prawn. The sushi wizards at the bar beautifully garnish this bounty with nests of peppery daikon and aromatic shiso leaves. Delicious vegetable sides—kabocha pumpkin with fried garlic, asparagus in Thai sweet chili sauce, and lavender-honey stirfry corn—originate on nearby Simpli-Fresh farm.