You can hardly tell where the dining room ends and the kitchen begins in this bright, open restaurant. Sit ringside where you can watch Chef Isaac Bancaco in action. Start off with a hand-mixed cocktail and the grilled octopus: fat chunks of tender meat tossed with frisée, watercress, and goat cheese. The ahi tataki is beautiful: ruby-red tuna, heirloom tomato, and fresh burratta decorated with black salt and nasturtium petals. Don’t be thrown by Bancaco’s grid menu. Treat it like a gourmet bingo card; every combo is a winner. Breakfasts here are among the island’s best, with local poached eggs, Molokai sweet potatoes, and creative bento boxes packed with fried rice and pickled vegetables. The $47 buffet grants you access to the kitchen’s novel chilled countertops, which are stocked with every delicacy and fresh juice you could imagine.