As you approach the counter, you’ll see why the line stretches to the door: a glass case full of banana and coconut pies slathered in fresh whipped cream. The savory pies are just okay. But the sweet pies—especially the macadamia nut chocolate praline—are intergalactic. For breakfast, the outstanding seared ahi Benedict come with pesto, watercress, avocado, and local eggs. At lunch, oversized sandwiches come in tempting combinations like the Ham’n—a hot and juicy mess of Duroc ham, island pesto, melted Jarlsberg cheese, and apricot-tomato jam on buttered rye bread. Housemade buns and condiments like local poha berry mustard and Maui pineapple chutney mean even hot dogs ($7.50) are a treat; Leoda’s potato buns and American Kobe beef elevate burgers ($12–$14). Leoda’s belongs to the Star Noodle, Old Lahaina Luau, and Aloha Mixed Plate restaurant family—a crew that knows how to please. The eatery’s bright decor pays homage to Maui’s bygone plantation days.