Top Chef fan favorite and Hilo native Sheldon Simeon has a long history on the Maui culinary scene, but he didn't have a restaurant of his own until he opened the humble but playful, lunch-only Tin Roof in Kahului in 2016. In late 2018, he expanded his reach, geographically and artistically, with the dinner-only Lineage in the Shops at Wailea. Paying homage to his hometown and the local tradition of family feasts, Simeon maintains his playfulness but elevates his style with assurance. A cart with his interpretations of favorite local snacks—including spiced boiled peanuts, pipikaula (beef jerky) with Korean kochujang sauce, and a garden-vegetable poke—cruises the cozy dining room; you can also order appetizers like adobo-spiced chicharon (Filipino fried pork skins) and Bottom of the Plate Lunch—shaved cabbage with smoked beef fat, kalbi dressing, and mayo. For mains, the cold ginger chicken with green onion pesto or pork and peas (a family recipe) will please less adventurous diners, but I love the smoky sweetness of the squid luau (charred octopus in creamed taro leaf with coconut candy). Couples or small groups can order the whole huli huli roasted chicken ($65), or the beef shank and short-rib Lauya combo ($70). “Filipino cereal” wins the prize for the most inventive dessert on the island: a mix of crackers, milk, and avocado, it’s Simeon's take on the breakfast cereal of childhood friends. Note: The full dinner menu is also available at the bar. Walk-ins are welcomed, but it’s best to reserve (via OpenTable) when you can.