With its creative take on sushi (think foie gras nigiri and “Pink Cadillac” rolls with eel, shrimp, tamago, and veggies wrapped in light pink rice paper), Sansei’s menu scores higher with adventurous diners than with purists. But expertly sliced sashimi platters and straightforward gobo rolls will accommodate even the pickiest sushi snobs. Small and big plates are meant for sharing, though you’ll fight over the last bites of misoyaki butterfish. The Dungeness crab ramen is my favorite—I like to inhale the fragrant truffle broth flecked with cilantro, Thai basil, and jalapeños. For dessert, most people go for tempura-fried ice cream or the Granny Smith apple tart with homemade caramel sauce. Tip: Thursday and Friday nights, a rousing karaoke session erupts at the bar from 10pm to 1am and sushi is 50% off. At the second location in Kihei Town Center, Kihei (808/879-0004), sushi is 50% off on Sunday and Monday from 5 to 6:30pm.