This hip noodle house at the top of Lahaina’s industrial park offers a deceivingly simple menu of noodles and share plates. The hapa ramen, with its smoky pork and spicy miso broth, is guaranteed to be unlike any you’ve had before. Each dish is a gourmet twist on a local favorite; the Lahaina fried soup isn’t soup at all but thick and chewy house-made noodles tossed with ground pork and bean sprouts. The ahi avo is a divine mix of fresh red tuna and buttery avocado swimming in a pool of lemon-pressed olive oil and spiked with sambal. With its long communal table, Shepard Fairey artwork, and glamorous washrooms, this casual eatery has an urban feel. From the window seats you can catch a hint of an ocean view—just enough to remind you that you’re still in Hawaii.