The Feast at Lele stands out from other luaus as the gourmand’s choice. Although most luau seating is en masse, guests here sit at elegant tables in the sand facing a cirque-inspired stage. As the sun dips into the sea behind you, chanting dancers regale you with stories of Polynesia. You’ll progress from Hawaii to New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa, feasting on each island nation’s culinary specialties in turn. During the opening hula, you’ll sample Hawaiian fish with mango sauce and imu-roasted kalua pig. While watching the exciting Maori haka, you’ll eat New Zealand sea bean and duck salad. Pace yourself; each of the four savory courses includes three dishes—and then there’s dessert, accompanied by a fantastic fire knife dance! The swish of ti-leaf skirts and the beat of the drums enhance the meal’s flavors; it’s a sensory experience even for the most jaded luau-goer.