The state’s best health-food store hides behind an unimposing dark-green facade. Shopping at Mana Foods is an adventure to be sure—parking can be a nuisance, and the narrow aisles inside are crammed with nuevo hippies, yoga instructors, and the wild-haired children of both. Don’t let this dissuade you. Though compact, this store has a better natural-foods selection than you’ll find in most big cities—at great prices, too. The deli is a cornucopia of deliciousness, with fresh-made sushi, soups, salads, hot entrees, and raw desserts. The produce shelves are worthy of worship: pyramids of ripe avocados, local asparagus, and more tropical fruits than you have names for. Ask the stocker for a sample of rambutan or rolinia. Hit up the health and beauty room for locally made soaps and hard-to-find essential oils.