Getting Around

Air Tahiti flies to Maupiti from Raiatea about three times a week. Its flights are geared toward Friday-to-Sunday weekend travelers.

The airstrip is on Motu Tuanai, the long islet off the northeastern side of the central island. The pensions send boats to pick up guests who have reservations (they usually do not meet the planes in search of travelers without advance bookings), or you can take the Air Tahiti launch to Vaiea.

The fast Maupiti Express ferry arrives from Bora Bora three times a week. It docks at the island's only wharf, in Vaiea on the southeastern point of the main island. It and all other vessels must negotiate Onoiau Pass, the only navigable entry into the lagoon. Subject to strong currents and breaking surf, the narrow pass can be treacherous in rough weather, during which the Maupiti Express and other boats cannot get into or out of the lagoon. Keep this in mind when making your plans.

There is no local transportation system on Maupiti. Since the island is so small, most visitors rent bicycles. Mostly crushed coral, the round-island road is flat and follows the coastline except when it climbs over a steep ridge between Plage Tereia and the south coast. When the Maupiti Express docks, local residents will be waiting at the wharf to rent bikes for 1,000CFP (US$13/£6.30) a day. At other times, you can contact the Total service station at the wharf (tel. 67.83.46), Puanere Locations (tel. 67.81.68; fax 67.80.85), or Maupiti Loisirs (tel. 67.80.95). The latter is operated by Ui Terihaunui and Simone Chan of the Maupiti Loisirs pension.

Maupiti as a Day Trip from Bora Bora

You can make a day trip to Maupiti from Bora Bora on the fast ferry Maupiti Express (tel. 67.66.69, 78.27.22, or 72.30.48;, which departs Bora Bora Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:30am, arriving at Maupiti about 10:15am. It leaves Maupiti at 4pm and returns to Bora Bora about 5:30pm. Fares are 3,000CFP (US$38/£19) one-way, 4,000CFP (US$50/£25) round-trip. One caveat: If high waves come up, the Maupiti Express may be unable to get out of Maupiti's one pass to return to Bora Bora. In that case, you could be stuck on Maupiti until the sea calms, or until the next Air Tahiti flight with an available seat departs.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.