For many Colombians, the notion of leading tourists around Escobar-themed sites (and arguably glamorizing the drug czar’s seditious acts)…well, it’s a touchy subject. For most Colombians, Escobar is the man who terrorized and killed thousands of Colombians, but for some of the city’s poorer denizens, Escobar is venerated as a Robin Hood folk hero. Current estimates put Escobar’s net worth (in the early 1990s) at US$30 billion, which makes him the richest (as well as deadliest) criminal in history. One thing’s for sure: Escobar sells. Several companies now offer tours that contextualize Escobar’s role within the country’s dark and violent history. Paisa Tours (; tel. 317/489-2629) pioneered the Escobar Tour, and it’s still the best. Balanced, engaging tours (in English) take in key Escobar landmarks, including the cemetery where Escobar is buried, the rooftop where he was shot by military snipers, and his now dilapidated penthouse where you can check out his massive walk-in safe. Informative guides cover the history of the cocaine trade as well as focusing on the personality cult of Escobar.