In the energized Ciudad del Rio district, a 1930s steel mill has been reimagined as the avant-garde new home for Medellín’s Museum of Modern Art; around 80% of the funds were raised from private industry. A sensitive conversion project retained the industrial character of the mill, with exposed brick, concrete pillars, and a metal roof; the name of its original owners, Talleres Robledo, still appears above the front entrance. A new wing, designed by Peruvian architects 51+1 in 2015, features modern galleries linked by open stairways, which (according to the architects) aim to mirror the barrios that cling to the Andean mountains.

The small but seminal collection of Latin American contemporary talent (60–90 min. usually suffices here) features drawings, videos, paintings and sculptures by Colombia’s leading modern artists: Beatriz González (b. 1938), Enrique Grau (1920–2004) and Carlos Rojas (1933–1997). All of MAMM’s works were donated by the artists; the museum has not yet needed an acquisitions budget. There’s a terrific gift shop, and it is worth framing your visit around lunchtime so you can sample the fine dishes at restaurant/cafe Bonuar.