One of the city's more underrated museums, the Pink Palace is filled with a hodgepodge of local trivia and memorabilia. It's easy to find: look for a large marble edifice completely painted pink, with a green roof. Here you can take a nostalgic trip back in time as you poke around a replica of the country’s first-ever self-service store (the museum was built by Clarence Saunders, the founder of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain). On the more serious end of the spectrum, you'll also be able to delve into the history of the yellow-fever epidemic that swept the city in the 19th century and eliminated 75 percent of Memphis's population at the time. 

In addition to a 3D theater, there’s a planetarium that projects star fields, meteor showers, and laser-light productions on the dome ceiling. You’ll also find a nature center with live mammals, reptiles, and birds, and a science center that traces history through fossils.

Every year around Christmas the Pink Palace features the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees, a collection of 20 trees with unique themes designed by local organizations.