Alchemy may also be a highly recommended restaurant, but if you're a lover of craft cocktails as I am, you'll prefer Alchemy's bar and swanky lounge to its dining room. For one, it's massive, with tall ceilings; you won't be crammed in. The cocktail menu is organized by strength, from "Lightweight" right up to knock-your-socks-off stiff. The bourbon and rye list is lengthy, as is the Scotch and Irish side of the menu, and the bar staff sure knows how to mix a cocktail; Alchemy is one of the few places in town that places a strong emphasis on mixology (if you like traditional cocktails, try a signature Alchemist drink). Although the bartender told me the daily punch can be hit or miss, I took a gamble and had an amazing strawberry-lemon variety. There's also a separate food menu, so you can order nibbles at the bar if you need to eat but don't feel like moving to the dining room or if the wait for a table is too long.