Memphis is not much of a beer town: in 2012, it just had a lone brewery, Ghost River. But the following year, three new ones opened, including Wiseacre, which the Memphis-born brothers Davin and Kellan Bartosh cooked up over the better part of a decade. Since opening in a roomy warehouse near the Greenline park and trail, the city’s first taproom has been packed with beer lovers who guzzle down the 20-ounce pints and who clearly craved such a venue. The beer names (Bomb, Ananda, Snowbeard, Azazel) are awesome, and Wiseacre has already ventured into the world of high-gravity beer, which tend to have a higher alcohol content. Wiseacre doesn't serve food, but there's always a food truck parked right outside. The taproom is cash-free, so you'll need your credit card.