Not to be confused with Museo Mural Diego Rivera (Anahuacalli), this was the famed Mexican artist's studio and home, designed for him by Mexican architect Juan O’Gorman in 1931 (who, coincidentally, completed the Anahuacalli museum after Rivera's death). Rivera lived in the house with his artist wife, Frida Kahlo, until she moved back to the Casa Azul (her childhood home in Coyoacán). Rivera created many of the sketches for his murals in this studio as well as his paintings; he died in the house in 1957. The museum contains exhibits of Rivera's work as well as items from his life at the house. If you visit on the weekend, leave enough time for a drink at the nearby San Angel Inn (an exquisite former convent and one of the most historic bar/restaurants in the city). You can spend the entire day in the area and also check out the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil and, if you're there on a Saturday, stop by the craft bazaar at the nearby Plaza San Jacinto.