This is a "please touch" museum for kids where nothing is off-limits. Climb up a manmade tree, test your senses in the dark labyrinth, lie on a bed of nails, or just swing in the playground. The main museum area has activities for kids of all sizes with some reserved for older kids and some for younger children (determined by height). There are two theaters: the Digital Dome, which shows a planetarium-type film about the universe and the IMAX theater with age-appropriate films that change every few months. Thursday nights are reserved for "big kids" when the museum is open after hours (from 7–11pm) and adults have the place all to themselves, with an option also to have dinner and listen to live jazz. Arrive early to avoid the crowds and the long lines for activities. And leave the snacks at home; they’re not allowed and, in any case, the cafeteria has a wide variety of foods to please visitors of every age.