Located near the city’s business district and its World Trade Center (more like a business center/convention hall), Novit is ideal for budget-conscious business travelers. Rooms are sleek and modern, with good desks and armchairs for reading.  Most importantly, you will sleep well here: the beds are excellent and though the hotel is located on Insurgentes Sur, a main thoroughfare that cuts across the city, rooms are shielded from traffic noise by double paned windows. Especially quiet are those at the back of the hotel. Ask for a room on a higher floor, as music sometimes seeps up from the lobby.  An additional plus is the cozy lobby which is home to a small bar/lounge that serves very good Cubitas (a liquored coffee drink). Unlike many hotels throughout the city, Hotel Novit offers free local newspapers and free Wi-Fi (though it can be spotty at times). There is also a small gym and indoor pool on site. The complimentary continental breakfast is generous (fresh pastries and rolls, fruit and fresh juices, including "green juice," a combination of pineapple, celery, and cactus).  In the evenings, happy hour (literally an hour here) is 7–8pm with live music, on occasion, on the patio.