Considered the place for the well-dressed rocker, El Imperial is a club/bar/music venue. The décor is vintage with a large chandelier, velvet curtains, and lots of red and gold patterned walls. The club is divided into two, completely independent zones: bands and DJs play on the ground floor stage, a small intimate spot. Upstairs is the lounge with its own stereo system, a bar where you can indulge (for about $6) in the house drink—"Imperials" (think Long Island Iced Tea, but Mexican style)—and a separate area with a pole for impromptu pole dancing (yes, that actually happens). The size of the evening crowd often depends on the band playing and can range in age from 18 to 30 (and sometimes older) and in personalities (hipsters, rockers, metalheads, and the privileged Mexican crowd). Regardless of the age or personality differences, everyone is there for the same thing: to hear good music and have a good time. And, if they don’t like the band, there’s always the upstairs lounge.