El Ocho is like Mexico City’s version of Central Perk from "Friends." in the hip Condesa neighborhood, this place is part café, part bar, part restaurant, part playground. One of its main attractions is its decor, with different spaces to make you feel at home: a firepit located on the terrace, a huge interactive table that operates much like a gigantic iPad that you can touch to move objects or start a game with up to seven friends at a time. There’s also a TV room with a 42-inch, flat-screen. It's all in a location that overlooks Parque Mexico. Whimsical black-and-white photographs with random bursts of neon colors cover one wall; Polaroid photos of diners and gamer players dangle from pieces of thin rope strung along another. And a large bookcase holds a series of random board games—backgammon, Jenga, chess, Battleship, and more. If you want to borrow one, they'll hold on to your ID until you return it. The touch table must be reserved. The menu consists of basic snack fare—nachos, pizza, salads, sandwiches, pastries—plus teas, coffees, smoothies, and a full bar.