Put your dancing shoes on, hit the floor, move with the rhythm of a heavy Afro-Latin beat, and don’t stop until the sun comes up and it's time to head out for breakfast. Though there are three Mama Rumba locations in Mexico City, the Roma spot is the most popular by far. Young, twenty-something dancers pack the small dance floor, gyrating to the live salsa and Cuban music, all aglow from the club’s red lights. Go early (at 9pm) for the free salsa course and to stake a spot on the dance floor. Then, get ready. As the night wears on, the place gets packed, and when the live music starts, Mama Rumba is hopping. Whether you go with a partner or not, you'll find one at some point in the night. (The other locations are in Polanco, at Masryk 393, telephone: 5281-6575, and in San Angel, at Altamirano 46, telephone: 5550-2959.)