The Chilangos have a love affair with French bistros, and this is a perennial hot spot. A direct import from Paris, this bistro always packs in the city's jet set and fashion-forward for classic cafe fare. Open 24 hours, it's the best late-night dining option in the city. The main dining room is a spirited scene of activity and conversation, in multiple languages. Two service bars offer singles places to dine without feeling "solo," and other tables are packed in together. Pâtés, cheese plates, and exquisite salads are standard starters. The French onion soup and the foie gras are particularly delicious. For the main course, perennial favorites are the steak frites, steamed mussels, and the specialty pied de cochon (pigs' feet). There's also a raw bar, an excellent selection of French wines, and an ample choice of tequilas. Desserts are classically French and rich.