As the name of the restaurant (Spanish for "artichoke heart") suggests, artichokes are the specialty here, served up in various dishes showing just how versatile this vegetable can be. Simplest (but still quite toothsome) are the grilled artichoke, perfectly seasoned with salt, herbs, and a wonderful hint of garlic. They're served with three dipping sauces—delicious from start to finish. Another specialty is the artichoke salad filled with bits of artichoke heart and just a hint of dressing so the true flavor of the artichoke comes out. For those who aren't artichoke enthusiasts there are plenty of other options on the menu like the boneless rib with wine reduction and grilled vegetables. If you like dark chocolate leave room for the warm chocolate cake. It is true decadence, and best to share. The menu, handwritten on blackboards, changes slightly based on what's fresh at the local farmers' markets. It also indicates the number of servings available so, if you see that what you want has only one serving left, grab the waiter quickly. The Polanco location is one of two in Mexico City. It is a bit south of the heart of Polanco with its bustle of restaurants, traffic and people, so it's a good spot to grab a quiet meal. The other location is in San Angel (Altavista 15, 55/5550-5002).