A Mexico City classic, El Cardenal is known for its bountiful and varied breakfasts, which aren't complete without the conchas (a sweet bread) served with nata , the Mexican version of clotted cream. Go for a true Mexican favorite: chilaquiles, which are day-old tortilla chips fried in a bit of oil and lots of salsa and then served with cream and often an egg (fried or scrambled). To get the full experience ask for shredded chicken on top. There are four locations—two in the city’s historic center (the other is located in the Hilton Hotel), one in Lomas de Chapultepec (Av. Paseo de Las Palmas 215, at the corner of Monte Camerún, telephone: 2623-0402), and another in San Angel (Av. de la Paz 32, telephone: 5550-0293). If you come for breakfast you won’t need to eat lunch.