Merotoro brings the flavors of Baja to Mexico City, which means surf and turf, here transformed into something of an art form. Chef Jair Tellez' dishes are inventive yet unpretentious and well-priced. The menu offers eight starters, seven main dishes, and four desserts, most for under $15 US (except for some of the main dishes). I'd suggest you start off with one of the small seafood plates, such as ceviche ligero, lightly marinated fish topped with purple flowers; or the rustic white bean soup with sea urchin and chorizo oil. Then for the main, how about more fruits of the sea? The fish at Merotoro is fresh and cooked in various and delightful combinations, such as the roasted sardine with grapefruit, watercress, and salicornia  (commonly, pickleweed) or the sautéed mahi-mahi with creamy peas, bok choy, and lime. Carnivores are also well taken care of with such dishes as a warm, cream and crunch stew of pig jowls with lentils and a poached egg; or succulent slow-cooked beef. The dishes are satisfying, filling, and generous enough for sharing. The wine selection reflects the variety of wines being produced in Baja California.