Pujol is one of Mexico City’s most talked about restaurants, often appearing on top of lists of the city's best dining spots—and with good reason. Owner Enrique Olvera is, quite simply, one of the world's most innovative chefs. Most of the flavors (as well as the ingredients) in Pujol's dishes are familiar. The surprise comes in how the chef plays with the textures and the presentation. For example, a classic pastor taco may come in the form of a soup. The sope de erizo (sea urchin atop fried masa) is another magic trick with Olvera substituting the typical meat and cream with a layer of creamy sea urchin roe, enlivened with a thin slice of raw onion. The urchin is cooked to mimic the essence of masa. For the full, find-ding experience there are only two seatings, 7:30pm and 10pm, because it takes at least two hours to have the full experience of the meal (and you don't want to rush it). Menus come in two options: a five-course tasting menu that offers the choice of sea or land (meaning seafood or chicken/beef dishes) and a standard a la carte menu. The decor is serene and the restaurant is cozy, with several tables for two or four diners and a few tables for larger groups. Service, as you might guess in a restaurant of this caliber (and price range) is superb. Reservations are a must.

Note: In 2017, Pujol moved to this larger space and added an omakase taco bar for casual dining and drinks. While you aren't allowed to order from the chef's tasting menu in that area, you will pay far less, and still have an excellent meal.