This is one of the most interesting and unusual markets in Mexico -- but watch out for pickpockets. It's most intriguing on Sundays, when the Lagunilla becomes a colorful outdoor market filling the streets for blocks. Arrive around 9am. Vendors sell everything from axes to antiques. The two enclosed sections, on either side of a short street, Calle Juan Salvages, are open all week. They have different specialties: The one to the north is noted for clothes, rebozos (shawls), and blankets; the one to the south for tools, pottery, and household goods, such as attractive hanging copper lamps. Here you can find old and rare books, many at a ridiculously low cost, if you're willing to hunt and bargain. Vendors set up shop daily from 10am to 7pm, but bring out the antiques only on Sunday. Tourists will feel safer leaving by sundown.