Funny story. There was this Jewish lady of a certain age in New Jersey whose son asked her to find him some sexy art for his bachelor pad, and guess what? He nixed the painting because it was too tasteful! Meanwhile, mom had become intrigued by art dealing with human sexuality. Eventually Naomi Wilzig’s collection grew to thousands, and she decided to share it with the world. As of 2005, Miami Beach has been the beneficiary. Spread over 12,000 square feet of a onetime office space is an impressive mix of museum-quality fine and folk art with pop-culture objects (such as the notorious white phallus sculpture from A Clockwork Orange) and, yes, the occasional comic relief (Mickey Mouse, is that you?). You’ll spot names such as Picasso, Gauguin, Botero, Dalí, and Miró, along with exquisite artifacts from antiquity and special exhibitions from the likes of Helmut Newton and Tom of Finland. Best of all, Naomi is often on hand to give tours. As she told me, “When the mayor of Miami Beach comes here to award the key to the city to a Miami tourism bureau honcho, I guess you could say we’ve ‘arrived.’”