This 1938 Art Deco classic is an Ocean Drive standout because its entire “front yard” is one big watering hole, hopping and bopping day and night. Staff is usually great, and the 60 rooms are comfortable (if on the small side) and pretty stylish in a deco-meets-mod kind of way since its $50-million refurb in 2009. But really, it’s all about the partying, above all on the aforementioned “pool patio” (yes, there is a pool in there somewhere), attended by hot girls in Hooters-like getups. And should you desire to catch “da game” while partying, there’s a wall of TV screens in the sports bar at the back. Two more opportunities a little higher up come in the form of roof spaces equipped with what I can only describe as tiled wading pools, as well as (of course) bars. As for getting any sleep—well, you didn’t come here to sleep, did you?