Close to midway along South Beach’s premier dining/shopping runway, Nexxt has become a Lincoln Road mainstay thanks to its prime perch, with a bevy of outdoor tables right alongside the endless parade; a menu long and varied enough to please almost anyone, from picky kids to pick-at-their-arugula models; and fare that’s usually pretty tasty, occasionally imaginative, and served in satisfying portions. I especially like meal-size salads such as the Thai cilantro cashew chicken, but the fare runs the gamut from plain to fancy, including a variety of burgers (but a mac-and-cheese burger, really?) and sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, big honkin’ Angus steaks, tapas, and more. There’s an early-bird happy hour 4 to 6pm daily, with $5 appetizers and half-off drinks. For Sunday brunch and most evenings for dinner you’ll find most outdoor tables full, but there are enough of them that wait times are usually no biggie. Service can be slow and occasionally less than service-oriented, but this, too, makes it a SoBe classic. What’s yer rush, anyway?