Beguiling treasures from the Duomo are displayed here in an imaginatively constructed exhibition that leads visitors on a chronological journey through the life of both Milan and its cathedral. Highlights among the carved cherubs, angels, and Renaissance Madonnas include a room full of startling gargoyles, ethereal 15th-century stained-glass works, scale wooden models of the cathedral, and the original supporting structure of “La Madonnina,” who has adorned the Duomo rooftop since 1774. The standout piece is “Jesus and the Moneylenders” by Tintoretto, rediscovered by happy accident in the Duomo sacristy after World War II. The museum is not in the Duomo but on the ground floor of the Palazzo Reale. Enter on the left side of the courtyard, to the right of the Duomo as you face its facade.