A pint of Hoegaarden, an Irish punk band, and an order or two of poutine will be part of your evening at this loud and fun place. There's music nearly every night of the week, on top of a deep beer list and the bar's famous Trivia Mafia every Monday at 6pm. This is a great event that features drink specials, salacious trivia questions, and much more. The same duo also hold court over the Drinkin' Spelling Bee, which is an "adult-beverage-centered spelling bee contest" that happens at the Amsterdam once a month. All of this spelling and drinking might make you hungry, and the bar offers up a range of frites (try the oorlog, covered with onions and peanut satay) and broodjes (Dutch sandwiches). There are 15 varieties of the latter, including curry chicken salad, smoked Gouda, and portobello mushroom. This is a great place for a raucous night out, and it's roomy enough to accommodate larger groups.