The jostling, rolling, raucous environment of the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul's Merriam Park nabe isn't for everyone. If you don't like the fun of a playful waitstaff, a solid beer list, and the celebrated hyper-local culinary phenomenon known as a "blucy," you may seek other quarters. Everyone else will want to stay. And return. First up is the blucy itself, a generous serving of freshly ground beef stuffed with cheese. The blucy can be found in other establishments, but the Blue Door Pub's is the best. First-timers should order the signature "Blucy Lucy," which features blue cheese and finely chopped garlic stuffed into a half pound of Angus beef. Other options include a bacon blucy, a mushroom blucy, and, well, you get the idea. The house also does a "Jiffy Burger," covered with crunchy peanut butter, a dab of mayo, pepper Jack cheese, and bacon. We're still fairly close to Wisconsin here, so you can also get a very generous side of cheese curds.