Diner purists will respect the authenticity of this restaurant, housed in a 100 percent bona fide diner car crafted in Elizabeth, New Jersey back in 1939. It's survived all manner of urban redevelopment schemes and a number of moves over the past seven decades. The décor is truly down-home and it errs of the side of minimalism (think basic booths, and stools at the long counter). Mickey's doesn't close, and if you come after events at the Xcel Center it'll be full of raucous fans (hockey, Def Leppard, other). The food includes the usual morning fare (omelettes, French toast, oatmeal) and there's nothing that cracks the $10 barrier. If you're straying away from breakfast, try the chili con carne or the fried chicken, although breakfast is definitely your best bet, as the rest of the options are only okay. Unsurprisingly, Mickey's doesn't take reservations.